Gold Package

Summary Of Gold:

Gold Package From:
£450 (All Day - 5-8 hr Performance)
  • Great Lighting Show as well as a wonderful Party Atmosphere!
  • A 4 Speaker Enhanced Sound System.
  • This package deal is Perfect & Ideal for Large scale sized Weddings, Engagement Parties and Corporate Events!
  • A £10 Million Pound Public Liability Insurance, with the Mobile DJ Network.
  • All equipment has been PAT tested, and is retested on a yearly basis without question!
  • Immediate booking confirmation.
  • Option of LED uplighting available, if required.
  • And not to forget, we will give your guests a fun and entertaining evening!

Gold Package Details

Perfect for Large Weddings LED Uplighting LED Lighting
2/4 Speaker System 42" Monitor - Read the Add-on Section... 100-200 Guests

The ‘Gold Package’ is aimed towards large sized scale venues such as: A Large Village Hall / Marquees (Outside Events) – which are great for Weddings, Engagement Parties and Corporate + Garrison Events. We personally recommend this service for large sized parties of around 100-200 guests, which will be an all-day performance (6-8 hours) with a DJ performance.

We can offer up to 4 LED uplights, if any uplighting is required for the venue as well as a 4 Speaker Enhanced Sound System to add all the more bass to the event and your special day – perfect for large inside and outside venues! Some venues only allow DJ’s to work in their locations only if they have a Public Liability Insurance, fortunately we are already up to date with that requirement as we belong to the Mobile DJ Network, which states we have the requirement to work in these restricted buildings - if necessary!

Add-ons - Considering getting a free add-on?

We can supply a 42” monitor with the Gold Package to display photographs of your choice throughout the night, to remind all of your guests of the lovely memory’s you have all shared and been apart of, with the people you love surrounding you in one place! Allowing, you all to share the moment together.

Or if you would like to have an hour of Karaoke, allowing your guests to sing their hearts out we can supply a Karaoke service as it is optional to any of the Package Deals as a free add-on, including this one. Our Karaoke Events will be complete with Songbooks, Screens and Radio Microphones for you, your family and your closest guests! Allowing them to ultimately sing as much as they so desire!

Unlike the other Package Deals, we are able to supply both: The 42” Monitor (to display photographs throughout the night) and also the Karaoke Service (for your guests, if they want to sing their hearts out!) The other Package Deals (Bronze and Silver) only have the option of one or the other though, with the Gold Package we are able to supply both! For all the more enjoyment throughout the night!
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Our Recommendations

We here at Disco Entertainments, understand how important your Wedding Disco in the areas of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk have to be. It should be the night when everyone is staring at how beautiful the bride and groom are supposed to be, whilst dancing to their there one special song, which will never be forgotten. Your first dance is the most important moment throughout your whole day and with our music library going back to the 50’s up to the present latest and greatest charts, we’ll always have you covered with the ideal songs to keep your guests dancing all night long, allowing everyone to have the time of their lives! We aim to bring the package together for a perfect over view for a perfect day – the right music to get the guests dancing with a surround sound system and excellent lighting show which keeps the dance floor flooding with dance moves. From the very beginning of a special first dance to the very last dance of the evening! Book with Disco Entertainments today!

So the proposal was a great success, why not make the party a success as well?

With Disco Entertainments, we offer a professional well experienced Mobile Disco DJ for your evening’s entertainment. Get all your guests up and moving ultimately filling the dance floor, giving them the time of their lives as well as our music library going back to the 50’s up to the present latest and greatest charts, we’ll always have you covered with the ideal songs through any themes that you like - to keep your guests dancing all night long. Ultimately allowing everyone to relax at the engagement party, leading to your guests having the time of their lives! And to dance to the music they or you request!

So what are you waiting for? Book with Disco Entertainments today, Book with us now!

We here at Disco Entertainments are ready when you are, whether you’re launching a brand new product, a promotional event or celebrating the life span of your company and its success so far. We’re always ready to be there for you, especially when it comes to thanking your team for everything they are continuing to offer or the jobs they’re doing well! Or if you feel like you need to congratulate your staff for continuing to stick by you as an extra thank you. We promise that we will give you the whole package of great entertainment, with our music library going back from the 50’s up until the latest and greatest UK charts! Our Corporate events include a premium Mobile Disco service for your company event and we promise we will be reliable at all times as we have a pure passion for entertaining your staff and yourself.

Contact Disco Entertainments today, to make your next company party or event a huge success!

Package Deals

Bronze Package
Bronze Package From

A 4-5 Hour Disco Performance with DJ This show is suitable for small venues, such as a Village Hall and Pubs (Function Room Venues) - desired for 50-75 guests!

  • Karaoke (optional)
  • Great for Birthdays
  • Engagement Parties
  • 2 Speaker System
  • 4 LED Lighting
  • 50-75 Guests
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Gold Package
Gold Package From

All Day (5-8 hour show) Disco Performance with DJ This show is suitable for large wedding venues, such as Hotels and Marquees - desired for 100-150 guests!

  • Upper wall Lighting
  • Radio Microphones
  • Photo Booth £275
  • 4 Speaker System
  • LED Lighting
  • 100-200 Guests
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Silver Packages
Silver Package From

4-5 Hour Disco Performance with DJ This show is suitable for a medium size Hall or Village Hall - desired for 75-100 guests!

  • Karaoke (optional)
  • Great for Weddings
  • Engagement Parties
  • 2 Speaker System
  • LED Lighting
  • 75-100 Guests
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